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    A little something about us. 

    Decima Ventures is a technology investment group with over 13 year track-record of building and growing successful companies.

    Mr Rony Zarom, a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist had founded Decima Ventures in 2001, shortly after selling his first company Exalink for $550mm to Comverse (NASDAQ: CNSI) only 14 months after establishing it, .

    Decima Ventures initial investment size ranges between $50K to $4mm. It typically invests in early -stage tech companies in the cyber-security, video, messaging and social spaces which are headquartered in Israel or the US

    Decima Ventures’ current investments include Watchitoo, Axxana, PineApp and most recently- Samba, chosen as “startup to watch” at SXSW 2014.

    Decima Ventures has offices in New York City and in Tel Aviv.

    "It's true, we fund companies. But what we really invest in is PEOPLE. "

    -Rony Zarom,  Founder & CEO; Decima Ventures. 




    Focused Approach. 

    Many investors regard investment as a "numbers' game"- they invest in a large number of startups, assuming that if you throw enough darts you are bound to hit something. With such approach- they don't have the ability or the motivation to help their investments succeed, and indeed the vast majority of them, if not all, fail.  

    We at Decima Ventures rather take more selective approach. We selectively pick fewer startups to invest in and with that- we are committed to making sure they succeed. What it takes from us as investors, we know, is more than some cash and a quarterly phone call.

    "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus. " 

    -Bruce Lee. 

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    How do we select our investments?

    How do we select our investments?

    Over the years we have built expertise, resources and networks that serve well to benefit the advancement of our portfolio companies. We therefore tend to pick investments that are in a position to rip the greatest benefits from collaborating with us. Our history shows that our involvement is most impactful with ventures that are at a certain location, sector and stage. That is not to say that ventures that do not meet these criteria are not worthwhile investments. They may very well be- just not for us.  We are most likely to invest in startups that meet the following criteria:

    • STAGE: Decima Ventures invests in early stage companies- with investment size of anything between $50K and $4mm. For our portfolio companies we also fund expansion rounds. Typically, we provide the first outside money that a company raises. While we invest in companies pre-revenue, we do expect our investments to have a proven proof of concept or the ability to show some traction.
    • DOMAIN: While we may consider a broad range of high-tech and internet companies, we prefer to invest in companies in the areas where we have developed domain expertise. These areas include cyber-security, social networking, messaging and video.
    • GEOGRAPHY: In order to provide our portfolio companies an on-going support and unlimited access to our resources and people, we prefer to invest in ventures that are headquartered in the markets where we have a year-round physical presence- namely the US and Israel.
    • PEOPLE: Lastly- and most importantly we fund companies, but we invest in people. People are the single most important criteria to our investment decision. We look for passionate, committed, bright teams with relevant experience and  a proven track record.



    Rony Zarom: Investor, Serial entrepreneur, Philanthropist. 

    The world first took notice of Mr Zarom when he sold his first company, Exalink to Comverse (NASDAQ: CNSI) for $550mm, only 18 months after establishing it. But in fact - Mr. Zarom’s  propensity towards entrepreneurship was apparent long before then.

    Mr. Zarom was a founding  member of Elronet - the first commercial ISP in israel, which merged into Netvision and became Israel’s biggest Internet service provider (ISP) to date.

    An initiative Mr. Zarom had championed while at Elronet, namely Arel- had branched off to become ArelNet, a publically traded company on the Israeli Stock Exchange in 1996. (Today owned by AirSpan)

    Mr. Zarom’s business activity is not limited to the tech industry. He is the the majority share owner of Aspen Group, a publicly traded company that specializes in high-yield commercial real estate and solar energy systems, with assets valued at approximately 2.2 Billion NIS.

    As a committed philanthropist - Mr. Zarom is the founder, chairman and the driving force behind Unistream  (established 2001) - a non-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering underprivileged youth through entrepreneurship. Unistream had been awarded Presidential Volunteer Medal by Israeli president Shimon Peres.

    Mr. Zarom holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from CUNY- City University of New York.

    He is married and has 4 children. He divides his time between Tel Aviv and NYC.

    “It’s only when you think big, act big, that you will become big”

    -Rony Zarom, Founder & CEO; Decima Ventures




    Decima Ventures current investments. 


    “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

    -Peter Drucker 

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    Get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you. 


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    4041 D Hadley Road

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    Tel Aviv, Israel 67021

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    “It’s never too early to follow your dream”

    -Rony Zarom

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